What does a property manager do?

A property manager is an agent for the owner and acts on the owners’ behalf. This includes preparing the properties for renting; Inspecting the properties before, during, and after a lease term; Marketing the properties; Making the properties available for prospective tenants to view; Receives applications; Screens applicants; Coordinates lease signing and lease renewals; Maintains the properties; Provides administrative and financial management; Logs all correspondence with the owners and tenants; and communicates on behalf of the tenant and the owner.

How much are property management fees?

Property management fees are variable and based on a variety of factors regarding the property and the owner’s needs. Management fees are based on a percentage of the rents charged to the tenant and are paid to the Anchored Property Services out of collected rents before the owner receives their check. Please Contact Us so we can tailor fit a plan to fit your needs!